Basin Street Jazz Quartet

Band Size: Normally a 4 piece band but can be augmented to 6 musicians.

Basin Street Jazz Quartet
# Demo Title
1.   Play   Jazz Me Blues
2.   Play   Limehouse Blues
3.   Play   Someday Sweetheart
4.   Play   Varsity Drag

If you are looking for a band with style and energy and foot-tapping capability, the Basin Street Jazz Quartet is the band for you. Indeed, this group of extremely talented musicians left the audience at The Westport Bowling Club demanding more of their special brand of music and in hot demand for repeat performances after their recent featured appearance in Port Macquarie!

In the year after 1915 and the early 1920s, Chicago became the new first city of jazz - the place where jazz took shape and where its best practitioners came together to develop their voices. If jazz was raised in New Orleans, so to speak, it went to high school in Chicago ... and still lives and breathes today in Sydney ... played, with a passion, by the Basin Street Jazz Quartet!

The Basin Street Jazz Quartet plays pop songs from the 1920's, featuring tunes such as 'Fidgety Feet', 'Riverboat Shuffle', 'At The Jazz Band Ball', 'The Jazz Me Blues', 'Wabash Blues' ... and other favourites from the Top 40 of that era.

To reproduce the authentic sound of this era, the band comprises Trumpet, Clarinet, Banjo and Bass Sax.



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